Online Dating

The Woes of Online Dating.

After my marriage ended, I was introduced to online dating. IMO men have become quite lazy. They are NOT willing to put in the time because they will not stop swiping, or browzing long enough to know. Yet expects to be treated as though he has put in the time and effort. Sadly society seems to glamorize the "whore" So there will be females who are all about that life. For the rest of us women; we want to be earned, respected, desired, and pursued. Guys today .. well especially in CA are entitled. In the world of online dating, I find the problem stems from the men. Men no longer want to earn a woman, if one date doesn't give it up, move on to the next one who will. But if a guy receives info about a great investment opportunity he will do what is needed to make it happen. Let's say you vibe with someone after meeting. You are both in agreement to see each other again. So instead of staying off the dating site, your asses go a'swiping away. Now you focus on the new candy in your box instead of focusing on the person you desire to see again. Always starting over, never getting off the ground.

There is a reason you guys appreciate your nice cars and other toys. They represent the fruits of your labor... when you work hard for something you will take care of it. You want immediate gratification when it comes to a woman, and then when you do get her.. you don;t know how to treat her because you didn't work for her. You don't appreciate her, so you go back online and move on. Which creates "serial daters" never taking the time to invest into one person. Yet you say you desire love, a LTR...etc... Mmm Hmmm

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