I am doing me... dammit!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Through this journey called "my life". I have come to realize I am happiest being

true to myself. So I shed all the personas that doesn't define who I am. I dispel all those who can only celebrate me when I am down.

Who I Truly Am...

I can say material things do not define me. I am a Goddess ..lol. My essence is pure and good. I am strong yet gentle, mighty but sweet, and a bit tomboyish, yet sexy as hell. Welcome to my blog. As a designer, an artist, and mother the desire to express my views in writing is something I have always enjoyed. After many inquiries about my writing, I decided to share my blog here. These are solely my opinion. You do not have to agree, just respect me.

#abiablachaje #blackfashiondesigner #takenotice

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