Abia Blachaje'

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Designer of women's contemporary fine apparel. Catering to the exotic and sophisticated. Designs reflecting a passion for exploring different worlds, and times. Each design is an extension of her heart. Abia creates fashion in enhanced color. A style that expresses one's individual personality. Garments for a colorful and diverse world.  With her far-reaching style, she is experimental, with a "chic-unique" allure. Abia Blachaje adds that special something that makes each garment a joy to discover. Beautiful clothes with a universal elegance. 

Created for a woman who stands apart from the crowd, high on her femininity and confident in her attitude.  She is a fashion maker, never a follower. Catering to the woman who loves herself, enjoys being herself, non-dependent upon the validation of others. She is her style, daring to wear it her way

            "God alone is the ultimate creator. Nature and its beauty is a work of art.  In some small way, I want to reflect the Master Artisan in my designs.

It's understanding the diversity of women (internally and externally) our knowledge is universal. I incorporate it into my design aesthetics.  I desire to create an original to fit every woman's perception of beauty. 

                                                                                                 _Abia Blachaje